Sunday, January 14, 2018

Cover Reveal

I am so excited to show you all the cover for Justice. It is the second book in The Shifters of Shotgun Row series I am writing under my pen name, Lila Grey with my co-author, Ever Coming. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on release dates. If you are interested in becoming an Arc reader for my Adult PNR books, please send an email to Okay... No more waiting... Here we go...

In the mean time you can find the first book of the series, Etienne Here! You can also find me on Facebook and Amazon

Monday, December 18, 2017

New Release and a Sale

HeartBreaker is Live on all platforms and right now AnguiSH is on sale for 99 cents. 

HeartBREAKER is the endearing companion story to Lila Felix's best-selling AnguiSH novel. Fall in love with Breaker James all over again!
Breaker James is no longer the boy locked in a prison of his own making. He's not afraid to leave his house, and he doesn't need Ash twenty-four hours a day, just to function—just to breathe.
Hell, lately it feels like he might not need her much at all anymore.
He's a heart breaker, pure and simple. Turns out love is easy when you're secluded from the outside world. Maybe Ash is the one who is afraid now…afraid she's done her job a little too well. Can she learn how to let Breaker love her, now that he doesn't need her to be his crutch?


AnguiSH is 99 cents for a limited time. So grab your copy Now!

A contemporary romance perfect for fans of Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall and JoJo Moyes' Me Before You, AnguiSH delves deep into complex human emotions and the struggle to move forward from devastating past events.
The help-wanted ad on the bulletin board at Ashland's college was simple enough: mother seeks live-in maid for son. But it turns out Breaker James is a mess in more ways than one. He's confined to a prison of his own making, crippled by his fear of people and any social interaction whatsoever. Every vibe he's giving off is begging Ashland to stay away, yet she finds herself strangely drawn to him. Can she coax him out of his darkness and help him overcome the deep trauma of his past to reclaim a normal life?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A New Pen Name?!?!?!?

Big news!  After much deliberation and thought, I have started writing under a new pen name. So let me introduce you to Lila Grey!!! I will have some links below to follow me on Facebook and to purchase my latest release! 

Lila Grey writes shifters only! That's right, all the mating, alphas, and romance of shifters, bundled into one pen name. But there's a difference. These books are a little naughtier. A little more raw. The heat of my Lila Felix books times three! 

Who am I kidding? These books are A LOT naughtier.

Click HERE to order your copy and read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited now!
P.S. Book two, Justice, will release on December 15! Just in time for your holiday reading.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Alpha's Queen Release

Alpha's Queen released today. It is part of Havenwood Falls world and I am excited for everyone to read it. Make sure you grab your copy today.


Being the alpha’s queen is the last thing Atlas Belham has ever wanted. Yet here she stands, blindfolded and binding herself to a life with a man she's never even met. All for the good of her people.

Harrison Xavier’s plans have never included taking a mate, ever. He’s perfectly happy to allow his cousin to assume his place as leader, especially as old feuds reignite and the Black Bear Kingdom teeters on the edge of revolution. But when he sees Atlas, his whole world shifts.

Life as a royal and in her new hometown of Havenwood Falls, where nothing is as it seems, test Atlas’s resolve, but it’s Harrison who tries her the most. It’s ultimately up to her to choose—freedom and independence for herself or peace for the kingdom.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Molly's Hope Chapter Teaser

I wanted to share the first chapter of Molly's Hope with you. I hope you enjoy!

You can find a copy of Molly's Hope Here !

Chapter One

HANGOVER DREAMS ARE either nightmares from hell or heavenly inspired visions. My tongue was stuck to the top of my mouth and some kind of animal had defecated in my mouth, or at least that’s what it tasted like.  “Try to drink something, Lars.” The voice was angelic. The way she said my name was like a symphony, but if she asked me to drink something other than a little more whiskey one more time, my stomach was going to explode, not to mention my head. “Shut up.” Or at least that’s what I thought I said. In my ears, it sounded a little more like the teacher from Peanuts who just mumbles. I rolled back over and someone threw a warm blanket over me. I hoped it was death. I’d been so cold for so long that even warmth from hell would be welcoming. I thought maybe someone was removing my shoes and socks. They were making too much noise. It was possible I had fallen asleep on the street. Wouldn’t be the first time. The blanket covered my toes and whisked me off into another slumber, rather it pulled me down into the depths of what actually felt like hell. “What?” I grumbled into the darkness. Someone was calling my name and I didn’t appreciate it one single bit. “It’s almost afternoon. Time to get up. Sleeping it off time is over.” I knew that voice–either that or I was still drunk. “Who cares.” The person, a woman, that woman, laughed at me. “I do.” “No one does.” I grumbled and tried to roll over. “Get up right now, Lars, before I pour ice water all over you. The ice-bucket challenge will have nothing on me before this is over.” She was trying to be aggressive and angry but failing miserably. She was a strong woman but sometimes her tough side never came through. Right now, I didn’t care. She wasn’t going to follow through with her empty threat. “Bring it.” “You asked for it.” This time I did roll over and pulled the blanket over my face. I’d just drifted back into darkness when the blanket was taken and she held true to her threat. At first, I was in shock–the coldness stole the breath from my lungs. Then I was full-blown angry. “Who do you think you are? No one invited you here.” My eyes were bulged open, my attempt at forcing some sense of being awake without caffeine or a shower or a little more vodka to dull the throbbing between my temples. “Let’s get you in the shower. You smell like a drunken dumpster.” “I can get myself into the shower. Why are you here?” She got up from kneeling on the floor beside my mattress. Her hair wasn’t as long as it used to be. I remembered it all the way down her back. Now it stopped just below her shoulder. Maybe my eyesight was finally going because it wasn’t shiny either. It was also like silk when I ran my fingers through it. “I’ll start the water. Hot or cold? You always liked cold showers for some reason.” I didn’t want her to go into my bathroom or in my apartment. She wasn’t welcome here. I didn’t even want to look at her face. She turned her back on me a long time ago. There was no point in having her here. All I was going to do was sleep. Now, she’ll just aggravate me. “Hot. I’m freezing now.”
While she was gone, I took the moment to look down at the state of me. I usually didn’t care what I looked like during the day but especially after drinking. I was wearing a gray shirt and some jeans I didn’t remember owning. That couldn’t be good news. My mattress and blankets were sopping wet. Half of the blankets were on the floor, and the other half bunched on the other side of the bed. It wasn’t the first time waking up like that either. I looked to see if my wallet was around. I hated losing it. Usually the guys at the bar held onto it for me. It appeared to be on the floor near the mattress. I didn’t have much by way of furniture because I didn’t need much. Most of my clothes stayed in the basket since my landlady usually did it for me. She would also bring me some she found. I rolled onto my knees and managed to get up on my feet. I peeked out the bedroom door and saw the apartment looked more like a tornado of fast food and alcohol had passed through while I was out. Did I even care? No. I’ll pick it up later. Maybe. “There you go. Do you need help?” I didn’t answer. Instead I took ten minutes getting on my feet and then stripped myself down to my boxers right in front of her. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen it before–after all–we had been married once. “Why are you here?” I asked again, stalking to the shower. I didn’t even give her a chance to answer. There was no answer that would placate me at this point. There was still too much drink in my system. There was still too much anger in my veins. There was still so much hate for her in my heart. The steaming hot water soothed my muscles enough for me to lift my arms and wash my hair. I knew this relaxed state wouldn’t last. It would be enough to get me through this shower. I needed to get some coffee–and maybe food– to help dull the headache. Did I have food here? Probably not. I could always call for some from Mom. Either way, Molly Williamson had to leave.

Monday, November 6, 2017

AnguiSH Release

 AnguiSH released today and I am so excited for everyone to read this story. Make sure you grab your copy. 


The help-wanted ad on the bulletin board at Ashland’s college was simple enough: mother seeks live-in maid for son. But it turns out Breaker James is a mess in more ways than one. He’s confined to a prison of his own making, crippled by his fear of people and any social interaction whatsoever. Every vibe he’s giving off is begging Ashland to stay away, yet she finds herself strangely drawn to him. Can she coax him out of his darkness and help him overcome the deep trauma of his past to reclaim a normal life?

A contemporary romance perfect for fans of Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall and JoJo Moyes’ Me Before You, AnguiSH delves deep into complex human emotions and the struggle to move forward from devastating past events.


She moved over on the bed, giving me room to get in next to her. I got in. “I’m afraid I’m… God, this is hard to admit.”

Her hand glided down my jaw. “Tell me.”

“I tried—I tried to go out the other day, just for a walk or something. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t make it past the damned threshold of the door.”

Her face was pure disappointment, and I knew mine mirrored it. Admitting it to her, I felt like a shadow of a man.

“But you tried, right? That has to count. I mean, you go out with me all the time.” Her voice faltered at the end of the sentence.

“I did try. But I couldn’t go through with it.”

She scooted closer to me and put one hand on my face while she buried her own in the hollow of my neck. “Can you just hold me and forget that there’s something we can’t do? I’d like to hang on to the notion that you can do anything—just for the night.”

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Vivian's Ring Chapter Teaser

I wanted to share the first chapter of Vivian's Ring with you. You can get it free with Kindle Unlimited. You can find it Here

Chapter One  Vivian

I loved book signings. I didn’t do them often, but I loved them and my job. I shook the hands of readers and smiled brightly for pictures. However, this is a long one, and I was at the point I wanted to find a Starbucks, fire up my laptop, and go back to my writing cave. No one seemed to understand how much I loved to be alone in the world I created with my mind and words. With my successful imagination being turned into books, along came personal appearances, such as this. I was posing for another picture when I noticed my never-ending line. I shouldn’t be complaining. I was truly thankful for every book I have sold and for each fan who bought them but exhaustion was setting in. I’ve been at it for hours already. “Here.” Olivia my publicist handed me a bottle of water. “Do you want something to eat?” “Yes. A steak, baked potato with lots of butter and sour cream.” I joked. Actually, it sounded delicious and couldn’t wait to find a place to eat. I was currently in Las Vegas at the biggest book convention in the United States. I was certain I could find a restaurant to fulfill my needs. If I could ever get out of here. I took a deep breath, picked up my pen and greeted the next reader. For the next few hours, I continued smiling and listened to the readers tell me how much they loved my books, characters, and me. Who would have thought I would ever grow sick of hearing praises. “Only ten left,” Olivia whispered in my ear. Relief filled me knowing the end of the line was nearing. As the last book was handed to me, I didn’t look up. I wanted to be done because my heels were killing me. “Hi,” I said. “Hello, Vivian.” I froze. All the air left the building, and I couldn’t breathe at all. “Brent?” His caramel eyes bared down into mine. The last time I saw him – ten years ago – he wasn’t as built as he was now and his hair was longer. Now, as I studied him, his hair was shorter, and I liked the slight scruff on his face. Other than that, he was exactly the same. I remembered the first time I saw him. I was sitting in the back of the classroom trying to remain invisible when I watched him and his friends laughing and joking. I wished I had friends like him. He looked back at me and gave me small smile. It was then he stole my heart. Of course, I would never do anything or even say anything because I was fat and never had self-esteem. “What are you doing here?” The nervousness clearly came out with my question. “I’m in Vegas for a convention but I heard author V. Rush was signing and...” He shrugged. “And here you are.” I finished his sentence for him. I used to do it all the time when we were together. “Wait, you’ve read my books?” Suddenly I realized what he had said. “Yes. Actually, you’re one of my favorite authors.” He leaned a little closer to me. “Imagine my surprise when I read about Detective Brian who seemed ​extremely familiar.” I swallowed back the lump in my throat. “He’s just a character.” I didn’t want to admit the truth in front of him. He was Brent. I took everything I knew and loved about him and turned him into a fictional character. He was strong, determined, kind, and sweet. I knew all these things to be true of Brent because I experienced them all. He was the Alpha hero every girl wanted and hoped for. Although, I left it all behind me. “Is he?” He smirked. For a second I thought he was mad, but Brent never got mad. He was a great guy. “Hello.” Olivia poked her head in between us with her bright smile. “Hi, I’m Brent.” He stood up tall and held out his hand. 
“Olivia. I’m Ms. Rush’s publicist. How do you know her?” “We go way back.” I rolled my eyes at his comment. His statement was correct, but there was much more than way back.
​ He and I were together all throughout high school. He was my knight in shining armor. Well, really it was my knight in cowboy boots and driving a big ol’ truck. At the time, I loved it. “Oh.” Olivia glanced at me and then back to Brent. I scribbled my name on the book and handed it to him. “Here you go. Have a great day.” I put on my best fake smile. “May we talk for a moment?” he asked softly. My head nodded before I could verbally answer. I knew he wasn’t going to just take the book and leave. “She’s all done here.” Olivia chimed in and pushed on my shoulder. “I’ll clean up and meet up with you later.” “Sure. Right. Okay.” I muttered and stood up. My body was on autopilot. I gathered up my purse and cell phone. Brent walked by my side as we strolled out of the convention hall and into the lobby. “Would you like to grab a coffee?” He suggested. “Fine.” I didn’t know why I agreed. I’ve not talked to or seen him in ten years. I didn’t owe him anything. Although, the nosy part of me wanted to see what has become of his life. I’ve made this conversation up in my head a million times, but I never knew what was real or not. Brent was a good guy and I hoped he was still an equally good man. I knew he was going to have a lot of questions and I didn’t want to answer any of them. There was a coffee shop down the block. We ordered our drinks, and Brent paid for the order. I went to protest but gave up. It’s built into his southern DNA to be chivalrous. I take our drinks and was able to find a table in the corner away from the blasting Jazz music and loud laughter. He sat across from me and neither of us spoke. It reminded me of our first real date when we were fifteen. We had been friends for a long time before our first date, and it made it a bit awkward. I cleared my throat. “How’s your family?” Maybe keeping the topic light and easy would get this over with more quickly. “They’re fine. And yours?” I shrugged. “I guess they’re okay. I’ve not really talked to anyone since I left Billings.” “You were never close to them.” He gave me a sad smile. He knew – better than anyone – my home life was horrendous. I didn’t have the worst family, but my parents had always pushed me into school and being independent. Now, I relied on myself and no one else. My parents didn’t seem to miss me, and I was okay with it. I liked being by myself and lost in my imagination. “Did you graduate college?” he asked. I nodded. “Yes. I was able to finish in three years. It almost killed me.” I half joked. It was rough on me, but I wanted my degree and to start my life. “You look great, Viv.” He commented looking me over. I glanced down at myself. I knew what he was thinking. He’s wondering how much weight I lost. “Thanks. I got rid of all those fat rolls.” “You were never fat.” His voice was sincere. He would always tell me how beautiful I was and how great I was. I never believed him. I was very overweight as a teenager. 
We stood in his barn and brushed the horses. He had asked me for the tenth time today and I sighed. “I can’t go.” I shook my head, stepping away from the horse and crossing my arms. “And you can’t make me.” “You’re right.” Brent came over and hugged me. “I can’t make you go to prom with me. However,” he stepped back, “I can​ bring the prom to you.” I furrowed my brow and looked at him. “What?” “I can set up everything here at the ranch. I can get the CD I burned for you with all your favorite songs and order our favorite pizza. It’s just like prom, but without all the people around.” I loved the idea, but he didn’t understand – I didn’t want to wear the dress. I was seventeen and overweight. I couldn’t fit into anything at the store and didn’t even dare to look at a magazine. My self-esteem would plummet. “Brent, I can’t.” “Why? Talk to me.” He looked deeply into my eyes and comfort washed over me. “I’m too fat for a dress.” “No, you’re not.” He kissed me. “Besides at our​ prom, jeans, boots, and t-shirts are the only acceptable attire.” I smiled. He always had the best plans. He brought me the greatest joy. 
The day after I left Billings to go to college, I made promises to myself. One, I would lose weight. Two, I would graduate college with no one’s help. Three, I would be happy. Three was the toughest one and wasn’t there yet. Overall, my life was great, but there were times I missed having friends. Not all the time but sometimes. Brent had been my best friend and leaving him was hard, but it had to be done. I knew if I told him where I was going he would have followed. “What made you read the “Love to Death” Series?” I changed the conversation to something I was more comfortable with. “I picked it up in an airport,” he said. “I was hooked after the first chapter. I never thought it was you though. Imagine my surprise when I saw you at the table.” “I’m certain it was shocking.” I tucked my curly hair behind my ears and looked out the cafe window. He couldn’t imagine the shock I felt seeing him. I hoped I hid it well enough, but he knew me too well. “To say the least.” He muttered. We fell into silence, and I knew what was coming. Brent never beats around the bush when he wanted an answer about a topic. I knew the question was coming. “Why did you leave me?” And there it was...