Thursday, August 29, 2013

Love and Skate is free through September 1!

Love and Skate is free on Amazon through September 1!! 

Get it while you can!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Striking Saturday Teaser!

This week's teaser is from Cami.
Next week's teaser will be from Stockton and Cami.
Rachel and I are just bubbling with excitement to share this story with everyone!
Less than a month to go!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tuesday Teaser:Seeking Havok

This teaser is from the POV of Fade.

"I passed the local Laundromat and inside saw the newspaper girl from outside the bakery inside folding clothes while talking to a girl who could almost, from a distance, be her twin.  I moved to where the window of the Laundromat met the brick of the next building and used it to shield myself while I gawked. 
          It’s strange how you’ve never seen something in your life, but then once you become aware of it, you see it everywhere.  Such was the case with this girl—now that I’d seen her once, I saw her everywhere. 
          She wasn’t like anything I’d ever seen.  She was just pure beauty—simple and uncomplicated. When she laughed the sides of her nostrils flared a little bit and she held on to her friend’s arm.  Her friend proceeded to do a little off kilter jig and it threw her into a fit of doubled over laughter.  I wished the window wasn’t barring me from the sound of her laughter.  I knew, without having experienced it, that it was exquisite. 
          Ugh—keep walking stalker man.
          I shook myself out of a daze and kept walking until I got about ten feet from my front door.
          Damn  it, I had to think about her, right?
          Beth sat on the stoop eating what looked like beef jerky. I shuddered and barely contained the gulch from rising in my throat.  I hated beef jerky and the thought of her beef jerky breath in my face—might as well make out with a butcher, a stalker butcher."

Fade, Seeking Havok
Release Date: TBD