Monday, July 8, 2013

Deleted Scene from AnguiSH

Thank you so much for all the amazing reviews of AnguiSH!  I reached 60 reviews today, so as promised, here are two deleted scenes!

“No,” I’m not gonna do it and you can’t make me.” We stood outside the glass walled store at an impasse.
“Come on, I know you’re hungry and I also know they’re your favorite.” He snorted after he said it.
“Just pick a place and let’s eat.  No matter what I pick, you’re gonna turn it into something perverted.  I’m not stupid.”
“Never said you were.  And I’m not that bad.  You don’t give me enough credit.  Come on, pick a place and I will try not to say anything perverty.”
I scanned the food court. Candied Nuts?  No way.  Hot Dog On A Stick? Been the brunt of that joke one too many times.  Panda Express?  It wasn’t particularly dirty, but he always called it Panda Quickie.  I hadn’t been able to get pretzels in months since he called my cinnamon covered pretzels ‘sweet sticks’.  It shouldn’t be this difficult.  But I guessed that’s what happens when you’re in love with a man full of innuendos.
I spotted the Lebanese place and filmed the menu through my head and came up empty—then again I always came up empty—it never stopped him.
“Let’s go to the Lebanese place.  There’s no harm there.”
He raised his eyebrows but didn’t say anything but I could tell it was there, itching to get out.  I still didn’t see where Lebanese could be dirty.
We ate while he bounced his knee up and down.
“Just say it and get it over with.”
“No, I said I wouldn’t.”
“Breaker James, just say it so we can move on.”
“It’s just—you picked the worst place in the whole food court.”
“Honey, they sell falafel balls and shaved meat.”
“I’m never eating at the food court again.”

Scene 2:
“I think we have a problem,” my father entered the dressing room and scared the life out of my friends.
“What?” This could not be happening.
“He won’t go to the altar.  You might need to go talk to him.”
“Ok,” I crossed the room, rules of grooms seeing their brides before the ceremony be damned.
I walked down the hall of the church and opened the door slowly, seeing a suit clad Breaker standing at the window.
“You’re not supposed to be in here.  I’m fine.  I told your dad I was fine.”
“How’d you know it was me?”
“Really, Ash?” He looked over his shoulder at me.
“Well, have you changed your mind?  We wouldn’t want this perfectly white dress to go to waste.”
“Ash, you know what I’m doing here?”
“Not a damned clue.”
“I’m just standing here for a moment before the biggest day of our lives and thanking—someone—for bringing you into my life.  Just smelling the roses, so to speak.  And you know what’s funny?”
“I’m not nervous at all.  I don’t care if there are three people out there or three hundred—the only one that counts is you.  I just needed a minute.”
“I love you, Breaker.”
“I love you too Mrs. Collins.  Now, let’s get your gorgeous self and that perfect dress out there—make this all official.”
“You just want to get in my pants.”
“Well, there’s that too.”


  1. Scene two is amazing. Like...dude, put that in the book. :) So good.

  2. Lila we need another book!!!!! (Another breaker/ash story)! I miss them ;( sooo what do you think lila? :D

    ~ Chris Woo

  3. "falafel balls and shaved meat" YES!!!! Bwahahaha
    Loved both scenes. I miss those crazy kids!