Saturday, April 13, 2013

Shelly Crane's Wide Awake

I'm so excited to be one of the first stops on this blog.  Everyone who knows me knows my love for Shelly Crane is like a mosquito loves blood, like a zombie loves guts, like a junkie loves their pusher.  And in some states I violate the stalker laws, so what?

I absolutely adored this book.  As Amazon is saturated with more and more adult novels, I look for the fresh, sweet, awe-inspiring novels with Shelly Crane's name on them, and this one was not only a perfect example of her best work; I personally think it is one of my favorites she has ever written.

Plus, it has landed her on the New York Times' Bestsellers LIST!!!! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!!!

Comment below and after the tour is over, I will pick 2 winners for Kindle Copies of Wide Awake!!

So, without further adieu, I present the Dream Cast!!!

Erin Heatherton as Emma Walker

Matt Bomer as Mason Wright

Amazing, right?

Find Shelly here:

Twitter @AuthShellyCrane

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Down N Derby is LIVE!!!

I see London, I see France, I see Maddox's underpants.  Not really, but Down 'N' Derby is LIVE!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Final Down 'N' Derby Teaser

Here it is!! The final teaser from Down 'N' Derby. 

I held my book up in front of me stupidly pretending to read while he returned to his towel and instead of drying himself off, he shook his head of the excess salt water and then plopped down, droplets of water still clinging to him.  And I could tell he wasn’t purposefully trying to attract anyone, it was just who he was.  I couldn’t image my response if he was actually trying.  I might turn the sand beneath me to glass. 
        Someone ungracefully landed next to me and I rolled my eyes, prepping myself for the onslaught of flirting.  I wasn’t vain but I was a model for crying out loud.  I wasn’t ugly.  But damn, I just wasn’t that gorgeous.  I couldn’t even lay on the beach without being hit on.  Sometimes I thought maybe the more covering vintage bikinis would be a turn off, that they would go for the more scantily clad chicks.  But no, not the case.
        “You’ve got that pin-up girl thing going, that’s hot.” I hated to be rude but sometimes the situation called for it. 
        I called on my smart ass tone to help me, “And you’ve got that I’ve just plopped my ass down where it doesn’t belong thing going.”  And I couldn’t see him because I was staring down Idiot Head, but I swore I heard a chuckle from Suntan’s direction. 
        “You don’t have to be mean, Pork Chop.” At the nickname Pork Chop, I looked around seriously scanning the trees and cars for a hidden camera.  This was some Punk’d shit for sure.  Who in their right mind called a girl Pork Chop?
        “Um, I’m not a cut of pork and you need to move while you still have your nuts intact.”
        He laughed a little but was relentless.  “That’s ok, why don’t we go some place where we can see how skilled you are and give you a better nickname.
        “Or, you can leave me the hell alone and find some airhead who likes your butcher talk.”
        He got up after that but turned around after a few steps later and gave me one last piece of his pitiful mind. “You’re cute all right, but damn, what a wench.”
        I was prepared to shrug him off.  I was usually called the ice queen or frosty by guys and this was just one more instance where I could care less what he thought of me.  But Suntan had a different plan.  He stood up as the pig was passing and said something in a voice so low and deep that I couldn’t hear the words.  But whatever it was Pig didn’t like it one bit.  He shoved Suntan back a few steps and I could tell he let that happen.  If he wanted to, he wouldn’t have moved one inch.  The other guy with him now stood up behind him, jeering him on.  “Kick his ass Maddox.”
        “Don’t touch me again and you should apologize to the lady.  Where I come from we don’t call women that name—ever.”
        The guy laughed and got closer to him, “I’ll talk to her any way I want to.  This isn’t Hickville, this is California.”
        Before I knew what was happening, Maddox, I now knew his name, swung the guy around, bolted him in a headlock and they were both storming towards me.  I could feel my eyes grow to the size of silver dollars.  What was he doing?
        He made the guy come to a stop in front of me and then clipped the back of his knees with his foot which made Pig kneel in front of me. “I asked nicely,” Maddox said to him through clenched teeth, “Now I’m asking not nicely, apologize to the lady before you pass out.”  He mumbled a sorry and I accepted, I think.  I was so shocked I could hardly speak.
       “Not good enough, asshole.  Apologize.”