Tuesday, October 29, 2013

False Start Teaser

This False Start Teaser is in Falcon's POV. 

     “I hate needles,” she whispered to me in the elevator, turning off her phone, putting it in her pocket and grabbing my arm. I put my arm around her shoulders and she swatted me away, ever trying to be strong.              
     We headed through hallways, following arrows on the walls until we reached the Cancer Center. She was greeted by a woman her age who, after making us scrub down like surgeons, escorted us to a room with wall to wall reclining chairs. Some held people were hooked up to tubes, reading magazines, listening to music, watching The Pelican Brief play on the flat screens hanging from the ceiling. I couldn’t help the thought pulsing through my head, ‘no one deserves this’. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another Surprise WIP Teaser...

“Chloe is certainly willing,” River snickered beside me.
I rolled my eyes at his jeering, “She practically humps me if no one’s around. It’s ridiculous. Maybe I can command her to get over herself. She knows how it goes. We are not mates and I’m not interested in anything with a female who isn’t my mate.”

Sunday, October 20, 2013

FALSE START Cover Revealed!!

Rex has firsthand knowledge of how love can rip a person to shreds. How it can swallow a person whole, leaving them gasping for air, and dying a lonely person. He watched his mother give everything she had to his father and then she died, too weak and frail to continue on. His father, the deranged man who could barely feed himself—taking care of him left a permanent crease on Rex's heart. He swears he can still hear his pleas for help in his sleep. Nothing can give him solace from the painful memories.

Except this girl.

Hayes is a constant and consistent optimist. She's witnessed her mother and father’s almost perfect marriage and taken it as an example of what she wants. But she can’t seem to find a guy who is sincere. She’s dated them all— snake-in-the-grass jerks, straight-up commitment-phobes, fakes and phonies alike. They all fit her perfect dream on the outside, but when the relationship gets to the nitty gritty, they all crumble like stale bread. 
Unable to find a better man, she settles for nothing instead, wondering if a man who treats her right could even exist. With perfect parents and a team name like I Kilda Girl, that man would have a lot to live up to.

Until this boy.

When she sees a rugged, tattooed guy who shows up at all the derby bouts, she wonders if chasing the bad boy might just be right.

Expected Release Date: November 22nd

Saturday, October 19, 2013

False Start Teaser

Here's your Saturday False Start Teaser!!

And remember the cover reveal is tomorrow!!

“Oh no, I’m late for practice. Nellie will have my ass.”
She ran up the stairs and came back minutes later, frantic.
“Hey, blame it on me. I’ll even go down there with you.”
She popped her fist onto her hip, “Do I look like I need you to handle my derby shit for me?”
“No ma’am.” 
Holy shit, that was sexy.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Secret WIP Teaser #2

*Gasp* What could it be?

I'm having the best time writing this book. 

And now, the teaser:

     "I tried to escape once.
     That’s when they started making me wear the taser collar around my neck, the same collars the dogs wore. As if my life wasn’t humiliating enough. When I reached a certain point on the perimeter, marked by little orange flags tied to branches, or if I went beyond the boundary, I was shocked. At first I rebelled against it, ran out of the boundary as many times as my neck could stand it. I had some burn marks to prove it. I’d stopped doing that years ago, finally succumbing to my station in the world and on this land."

Monday, October 14, 2013

Signed AnguiSH Giveaway

Here is your chance to win a SIGNED copy of ANGUISH. All you have to do is have a US address and follow my blog. That's it!

Saturday, October 12, 2013


“His name is Rex! Call him now.”

“No. I will call him when I get home.”

“Oh great, another infamous Hayes first date. You should have a reality show or something.”

“Hush, Hazel.””

“No, I’m serious. I’d sit in my recliner and watch that show all night.”

I jumped down from the counter and began to walk towards the dining room, “You’d have to take that huge stick out of your ass first and then ask your ego to move over.”

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Surprise WIP Teaser

This is the first teaser for my surprise WIP. I won't reveal the cover, synopis, release date or even title. Hint: It's a new genre for me. 
After the last teaser is posted, I will publish it on all platforms. 

What do you think?

"Finally on the road, I took the time to replay the moment I first saw her laying in the grass, her jet black hair seemed like it went on for miles and miles. She pounced like a feral cat when she heard us, and that’s when I knew that my mate was probably the bravest, fiercest female I’d ever had the pleasure of seeing.
And then her eyes, the color of a turquoise stone, connected with mine and my world shattered.
Nothing else mattered.
Everything in my body seized, including my heart, and with an exhale of bated breath, it began again, beating with hers, in time with the female I was created to love."

Saturday, October 5, 2013

False Start Saturdays!

A little teaser from False Start (Love and Skate #5), Release Date November 22


Thursday, October 3, 2013

This just happened...

Want to see something cool? You can now visit my brand spankin' new website by clicking on the banner below....

Go check it out and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Her life is just as messed up as her name.

All she wanted was a friend---one that knew her and not her circumstances. She needed somewhere to call home. Hers was an open door for countless men looking for the services her mother offered them. She camouflaged herself against lockers and blackboards to avoid the stares and whispers at school. 

And then she found Cal...and Fade.

Cal lives like Frankenstein, rising at night to work and just trying to make it until dawn. He avoids most relationships, afraid of the things he will be asked to do. He moonlights as Fade, a radio station DJ who spends hours counseling his peers on their troubles. It was all mundane until Jocelyn called the station.

Cal and Havok pursue a friendship. 

Jocelyn and Fade pursue a relationship beyond the confines of the radio waves. 

But when Havok disappears, Cal will find that Havok has been guarding a lifetime worth of secrets. And when Fade and Jocelyn’s all night phone conversations cease, he finds a link between them he never saw coming.

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