Saturday, November 3, 2012

Love & Skate Teaser

I'm so excited to have reached 100 'likes' on my page!!
Thank you!!
So, as promised, here's a little teaser from Love & Skate.
I skated behind the team and had almost made it to the edge when a body slammed me from behind propelling me into someone else.  Then instead of immediately recovering, I ducked  my head because out of nowhere my team was on the perpetrator before she could get away.  The fight didn’t last long and no one wanted to get in trouble so it was broken up fairly quickly.
                “Are you ok?” A very masculine, low voice said and the sound hummed against my face, which meant…
                “Oh, sorry,” I said as I scrambled to get my face away from his chest. 
                “Are you ok?” he repeated himself.
                “Look, I…” It was him, the gum guy.  I had been pummeled right into the chest of the guy that I had been fantasizing about for a freakin’ week now.  What are the odds?
                “Damn Owen, looks like a shitload of cotton candy just fell into your lap.”
                He did not just say my hair looks like cotton candy.
                I gave him my meanest glare. “Real original, douche bag.”


  1. LOVE it and cannot wait for this Lila!! I will be purchasing it the day it comes out!! <3

  2. omg i love her already!!! lol i cant wait to read this :)

  3. I love her attitude! :D Can't wait!