Monday, March 4, 2013

Cover Reveals for Seeking Havok and Down 'N' Derby

First, I want to express the greatest amount of gratitude for the amazing bloggers and readers who have embraced How It Rolls so lovingly.  I just love my readers and the bloggers who spend so much time plugging me everywhere.  

You guys rock!

And because I have been feeling the waves and waves of love, I decided to reveal two new covers instead of one!!  Sooooo, here we go!  Hope you like them.  I'm so nervous this go round.  


  1. Who designs your covers, just curious. I am IN LOVE with the Seeking Havok cover! Very beautiful! Both of them are!

  2. I design my own covers Mercy. Thank you so much! Thanks Mandy and Mary!!

  3. Holy Hell Woman I Love them Both especially Maddox!!!! He looks Sinfully Delicious ;)

  4. These are amazing!! Wish I had your skills ;)