Thursday, November 17, 2016

Falcon Friday

Its Falcon Friday. For those who may not know who Falcon is, let me introduce you to him. Falcon is one of the lead character from How It Rolls(Love & Skate 2).

Here are some quotes from our guy.

She called me a stiff? I think that's worse than when Nellie calls me a square or a suit. I was a suit. And why in the Hell did I care if some girl called me a stiff? She could take her orange hair and stuff it up her...Oh who was I kidding, I wanted to be her hairbrush.

The great thing about numbers is that they don't lie. They never make you think they mean one thing but really mean another. And when you find the answer. It always makes sense. People are like that too, and if you stick a cut in salt it wont hurt, promise.

When I grow up I want long, red hair like Lion-O from Thundercats. Plus, I want to growl and wear weird boots.

You can grab your copy of the Love and Skate series HERE

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