Saturday, February 16, 2013

Seeking Havok Teaser

I know, I know, it's Saturday.  

But I just couldn't resist.

This is an snippet from Fade from my upcoming release Seeking Havok.

"I knew it.  I knew she would be witty beyond what I’d already experienced.  I knew she’d be spunky and shrewd.  And it was just what I needed, someone who wouldn’t buy into my bullshit. Me on the other hand, I had turned into a blubbering idiot, conjuring up something coherent to respond.
            “Yeah, that’s me—sorry.  I’m Cal.” I stuck out my hand.
            Put your hand back in your coat, asshat.  She’s not the mayor; you don’t have to shake her hand.
            I put it back in my pocket and smiled awkwardly at her.  If I were her, I would’ve kept walking." Fade, Seeking Havok