Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

He looked up at me, “Tell me what to be happy about right now.”
“Are you serious? You’ve got a hot chick in your bed. And…she’s a roller derby diva. Come on.”
And then he laughed.
“You did great tonight.”
“I did not. But I loved it. Although…now I’m starving and my legs feel like they’ve been put through a clothes wringer. I missed the team after party and pizza to go see some guy.”
“Lucky guy. He didn’t even feed you?”
“Not yet. I was planning on making him grovel with gifts of food.”
He walked his fingers across the bed and with the pad of his thumb he traced the outline of my lips. A shiver broke through me, revealing raised goosebumps along my arms.
“Nevermind, he’s forgiven,”

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