Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The last Lightning In My Wake Teaser!

Here it is! The last teaser before Lightning In My Wake is released (unedited)!!

The place was intimidating, I’d give them that. You could only flash directly into the ‘welcoming room’ which wasn’t all that welcoming. The place was the opposite of welcoming. It read more like Hannibal Lector’s lair than the home of the reigning leaders of our people. It was all gold. Gold wallpaper lined the walls, golden chairs were stuck into corners, and a platinum chandelier with attitude gave you the first impression of the Synod.
It was all façade.
Regina opened the door seconds after I flashed inside and further summoned me with a flick of her wrist. She was cold and aloof as usual. There was no point in making small talk with her. Her tight red suit and ruby choker kept her from making any sudden noises or forming words without sneering. All that platinum hair dye had probably infiltrated her brain as well.
I mimicked the curt pop of her hips as we walked. Now wonder these people were always in such a bad mood. There were enormous sticks up their asses and their skin tight skirts stopped them from removing it. My hip popping turned into a dance by the time we got all the way down the embellished hallway. My nervous energy was on overdrive. I didn’t know what to expect. 

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