Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Teaser Tuesday!!!

Beholden teaser--unedited.


"I’d been struck senseless before—that was courtesy of Hawke’s hand on the back of my neck when I whistled at his mate one time in joking. I’ve been shared shitless—that happened the first time I came face to face with a grizzly—one of Horace’s pack.
But to be standing face to face with my mate and have one sentence from her mouth deem me completely dumbstruck—every muscle stagnant—every breath frozen—was pretty much the best moment in my life thus far.
I couldn’t count the time I looked into her eyes because that was the best and worst second in time.
A time that I would love and regret forever.
“I can take you somewhere but you need shoes.”
She looked down and wiggled her toes that looked more like a Renaissance art piece than toes and wiggled them. “Two minutes.” She turned but before leaving looked at me over her shoulder. “You’ll be here?”
Did she honestly think I was going to leave? Probably. Because she trusted me about as far as she could throw me—at least, that’s how I would feel.
“I’ll be here—always.”
I’d turned into a cheese dick.

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