Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday Teaser: Renegades

5 Friends
4 Graduates
3 Boys
2 Girls
1 Trip to Break all the Rules

A Contemporary NA romance from author Lila Felix

Unedited Teaser:

She puts one foot on a chair and then before I know it, Embry’s on top of the library table.
“This is our one chance. It’s the one chance we’ve got to say we did it. To say we did even though they said we couldn’t or shouldn’t. Let’s go because our parents never did. Let’s go because we know the journey will change us. Let’s go because I don’t want to feel that sliver of regret lodged in my heart when I’m old and too tired to go.”
Instead of her chosen future profession of veterinarian, she should be a lobbyist or a full-time protester-if there’s such a thing.
It works, of course. Her little speeches always work. She’s talked us into so many schemes and plots that we all have records three inches thick. I’m surprised any of us are actually making it to graduation.
Everyone is sitting up, enthralled with her words and her charisma.
Beauty queen—she should’ve been a pageant girl.
No, she hates lipstick.

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