Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Teaser Wednesday?

The teaser for this week is brought to you by the letter A for Alpha in my WIP Alpha Unseen

Cover Reveal Coming Soon!!!

"His hands made a path to my waist and dragged me forward. “There’s always this many people. The only place I’m alone is at home and in my office. Even then the phone is ringing and meetings. Never mind, I doubt you want to hear that crap.” His hands kneaded the dip above my hips as he spoke and when the motion stopped, I felt cold.
Shaking my head, I replied, “No, that’s fine. We should—we should at least try to be friends through this, right?” His hold on me loosened and he took one step back, bringing us face to face. We hadn’t looked at each other most of the night. There were people to greet and smile at.
But mostly, there was a crowd to convince.
Forcing myself to look up and meet his brown, almond-shaped eyes, I gasped at the sight of him. I’d done such a good job of holding in those tiny gasps in the past but this one burst through without permission.
“What?” His chest rumbled with the words.
“Nothing.” I took a moment to collect my voice and the tremors in the core of me.  “So, friends? We can at least not hate each other through this.” I cringed at the words. I didn’t want to be friends with him, but there was no other choice. Kolani’s clan didn’t allow females to be educated and it certainly didn’t allow them to be anything other than baby producers.
That’s why my clan broke free from his—if the females aren’t happy, no one is happy.
He pushed one strand of hair behind my ear. “I don’t promise friends—but I don’t think I could hate you either.”"

I'm hoping to release this one in late March! Stay tuned!

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