Saturday, February 25, 2017

Swoon Sunday

Today's Swoon Sunday post is from Lightning Sealed. This is book 2 of The Lucent Series.

“This is His blessing.” My mother’s voice was no longer her own. It boomed with otherworldliness—with a power she’d never known. But I knew that voice. It was Rebekah’s tone, not my grandmother, but the blessed Prophetess. And then, just as I’d taken the sky and the words as a sign and gasped at the wonder, a single stroke of lightning came down from above, whiter than any light I’d ever known. Instead of striking the highest point on the land, it slowed to a crawl as its point reached for Theo and my hands, still tied together by that white ribbon. Every pair of eyes was trained on the light. It didn’t cause destruction, but wrapped around our hands, singeing the ribbon to shreds, but never burning either of us. It swirled around us like a hurricane, filling me with warmth and grace. It wasn’t His blessing. It was His approval. The bright light tickled my hair and wove itself through every strand finally making a crown on my head.
Lila Felix As it whooshed around us for the last round and disappeared back into the heavens where it came from, I dropped to my knees, taking my mate with me. Never in my life had I felt such love—not even from Theo. That light was approval. That light was forgiveness. That light was redemption. That light was the same that had touched Xoana and blessed her not only with a gift, but with a race of her own—females that could never be tied down unless they chose to be as I had chosen with Theo. After I regained my breath, Theo grabbed my arms and hugged me against his chest, his sobs as uncontrollable as mine now were. His arms caged me in and held me together as I fell apart. I looked around, still in my mate’s hold. The flowers were still in bloom. Everything came to life and was living on the wake of that blessed lightning. “Looks like my brother was wrong again. I told you. You were made for me—forever and always. Time and space can’t separate us. Nothing can separate us now.” By the time I unleashed myself from his embrace, we were alone in the garden. “How long have we been here?” I asked, noticing the sun had ducked behind the landscape, but still showed some of her rays. “For hours. It doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t
Lightning Sealed take that moment away from you. No cake or celebration could replace that.” “I thought the things your brother said were true. I almost expected you to agree.” He chuckled at me, but I didn’t see the comedy. “For someone who shows the world who she is, you sure aren’t very confident. I guess they only get to see who you want them to see. Don’t worry, mate, I know you by heart.”

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