Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why I was Pissed at Mary from BookNerds

Why I was pissed off at Mary Smith from Book Nerds Across America:

Here is part of the review that Mary posted about Hoax.  

"Not so great about the book: I think Lila is scared to write a book with more than 200 pages. Not that her stories are rushed, by any means. She just writes shorter stories. I finished this book within a few hours because its around 130 pages or so. I think that she is so talented that I would not even blink if she wrote a 300-400 page novel!"  

The only thing I saw?  Lila Felix is scared to write a book with more than 200 pages.  So, after my millisecond of being royally pissed, I started looking at my books. And she's right.  She's right. *facepalm*  And it challenged me.  So here I am, sitting in front of a 130 page manuscript and the characters have not even kissed yet, which is something different for me. 

Here's my point:Thank you Mary.  I hearted you tons before and I heart you tons more now.  Why?  Because of your awesomeness as a blogger.  You told the truth about my book, with grace, and I learned from it.  You made me aware of a shortcoming and I'm gonna blow your socks off with How It Rolls.  Be prepared.  :)