Sunday, February 24, 2013

Teaser from Down N Derby

Ok, here it is.  

A teaser from Down N Derby.

“Hello?” I answered sweetly, since on the other line was my sweetness.

          “Poppy, I’ve decided to become a ninja, find Mad and then we can get married sooner but there’s one problem.” I giggled, knowing this playful voice of his was saved only for me.
          “What’s the problem?”
“They won’t let me wear the shirt and tie at the ninja training center.  It’s non-negotiable.  I’m sorry.”  We both started laughing and Nellie took the phone from me.
“Hey, bird boy, we’re trying to have girls’ night here.  Quit making my girl get all red in the face.”  I don’t know what he said back to her but she turned blushy and stuck the phone back on my ear, none too sweetly.
“What did you say to her, she’s all pissed now.”
  “I told her that if I wanted to I could say things to you over this phone that would not only ruin her girls’ night but make you drop what you were doing and come home—right—this—second.”
Nellie must’ve known he was repeating what he said to her.  She rolled her eyes and yelled, “Clean up on aisle three before I toss my cookies.”

Reed's POV, Down N Derby


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    1. I Love it!!! Sorry I don't know what happened LOL

  2. I've never been to a roller derby bout or game before but I bet it's awesome!

  3. when does it come out?! :)