Monday, March 11, 2013

Down N Derby Teaser

I'm gonna be mean here.  This is the teaser from Down 'N' Derby but I'm not gonna tell you whose POV it is.  I just can't.  You're gonna have to wait.  

But I love y'all for being such amazing people.  I just love y'all to pieces.

She let her shirt go and it cascaded down her waist, back into place and on top of my hand, not willing to leave her ink yet.  She turned to face me and my hand rounded the curve of her waist, around to her back and down to where two dimples sat above the waistband of those tiny shorts she insisted on wearing to bed.
She reached out, grabbed my other hand and placed it on the corresponding spot on her right side. 
“You’re not gonna go home, are you?” She whispered it to me, here in the dark while her thumb set me on fire, running across my bottom lip.
“Baby, you are my home,” I answered and pulled her down with me to show her.

Whose POV is it?  Think you know?  


  1. You are mean. I think this is Reed (and Falcon). I can not wait for this book! I have told more people than I should openly admit about my obsession with this series (and Maddox).

  2. hmmm at first I was thinking Falcon, but another part of me wants to say Maddox