Saturday, July 27, 2013

Striking Saturday!

This time we get a peek at Cami's POV.  

“Mama, can you do my hair now?” a sweet little girl, probably about five years old asked.
“I can’t just yet, sweetheart, I’ve gotta get these groceries put away. Maybe in a minute, alright?” Beth’s attention was already on the grocery bags and the mess in the kitchen.
The little girl’s face fell, but she looked around for a way to help her mom. What sweetness! I kind of felt like the Grinch when my heart swelled with compassion, like it had never felt that emotion before.
“I could do your hair,” I offered just loud enough for her to hear me. I held my breath while I waited for her to answer me, so terrified of rejection that tears swelled in my eyes. It was silly to be afraid of a little girl turning me down, but something in me just begged for something this innocent, this good, to look at me and say, yes. My chest ached in anticipation and I forced myself to hold my watery smile. She would definitely say no if I burst into tears in front of her.
“Really?” She smiled a toothless smile- the adorable kind after little kids had started to lose all their front teeth- at me and her eyes lit up with excitement. “Can you make my hair look like yours?”
I grinned back at her, I couldn’t help it. “Absolutely! Do you have a brush?”
She ran to grab one, plus some detangler and then we set up at the kitchen table. While Beth put away groceries, I combed and fishtail-braided little Lucy’s hair and then added one of the new bows Stockton bought. As soon as she was finished, her little sister who was somewhere in between the youngest boy and Lucy in age, sat down and demanded the same treatment. By the time I was finished, I was so proud of my work I just had to take a picture of the two darlings with my phone. There was just something so rewarding about doing little girls’ hair that I didn’t even know where to put all the happiness. I felt bursting with them and my heart felt too big for my body. These feelings were rare and coveted by me and I knew this moment would stay with me forever. And I had Stockton to thank. 

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