Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Striking -First Teaser!

So, Rachel Higginson and I are writing this incredible book.  This is a teaser from the cover.  The cover reveal is July 11th.

Here's the synopsis, in case you haven't seen it.

Cami Montgomery stole a car and smashed it into the front of a building in upscale Beverly Hills after a lousy date with the epitome of sleaze balls. The worst part, her parents are following through on threats after this latest plea for attention. Banished from her L.A. paradise and plunged into the Appalachian Mountains with her industrious aunt and uncle, Cami is about to find out how precious life really is. 

Stockton Wright has been thrust into a hard life. He sacrifices everything to give his family and community what they need. He’s exhausted from life and work—and he’s only twenty four. What he needs is some change, and some sunshine. Even he will agree to that. He just doesn’t expect to find it in a stuck up, pompous, entitled Californian. 

Cami bursts into Stockton’s life like wildfire, consuming all his thoughts and tangling him in her web. What starts out as a contentious rivalry evolves into a desire neither of them expected. When hammer meets metal, will they crack under pressure or be forged as one?

Cami and Stockton might just end up being exactly what the other one needs, but first their love will have to be drawn out in fire.

You can put it on your 'to read' list on Goodreads here:

So now the teaser from the perspective of Stockton Wright.  Today you can also get a teaser from Cami's perspective from www.rachelhigginson.com

"After a few minutes, a feeling of regret passed through me.  I couldn’t just let her suffer like that—as stupid as she looked, she’d never get those sheep to the next field—I had to help her.  Even though I loathed her manners and her snotty attitude, there were some things I had to admit.
                  She was so beautiful, I kept checking the horizon, making sure the sky hadn’t fallen in her presence.
                The words she spoke with such sticky sweet malice flowed from her mouth in a soothing stream of velvet, making me simultaneously irritated and desirous for more.  It yanked my chain like nothing else.
                And there was something endearing about the way she knew absolutely zilch about real life—apart from shopping and tanning—or whatever those girls did. 
                I couldn’t just sit there any longer.
                She looked like a cat-eyed marble rolling around in a tin can.
                I slammed the truck door shut, and through the window, grabbed a jean jacket from the behind the seat, and crossed the land in front of the house until I reached the fence that marked the field.  I opened it, taking a short inventory of the state of the gate—this one was still in good shape.  As I made my way over to her, I called each dog by name. Henry always named his dogs after cuts of lamb. As I passed, I halted only to wrap my jacket around her shoulders.               
                “Chop, Flank, Loin, Rib!” I called them from sitting sentry.  They already knew what to do; they were simply waiting to be beckoned.
                I opened up the opposite gate, the one leading to the next field and whistled for them to do their job.  After that, all you had to do was stand there and watch.  I could see her from the corner of my vision, standing in shock as the wool clad animals moved around her like a stream moves around a rock.  I sucked my cheeks in trying desperately not to smile at her.  She was pissed and defeated. 
                And then I felt like shit for humiliating her.
                And then I felt like a champion for saving her.
                And then I felt like a bastard for not helping her sooner.
                Jesus Christ, I had turned into some pre-pubescent woman—effing feelings and shit."

Expected Release Date: September 1, 2013