Saturday, July 13, 2013

Striking Saturdays!

Striking Saturdays! 
You know you secretly wanna call it Stockton Saturdays.

On Saturdays, from now, until September 1st, Rachel and I are going to tease the heck out of you!

For the first part of this teaser, you have to work for it just a little bit.  Go to Rachel's blog here:
and see the first part!

Here's the rest.

 “That’s nice, ma’am,” Stockton, the man with the evil glare, said kindly in return. When he turned his attention to my aunt he was all southern gentleman and chivalry, but as soon as he slid his attention back to me, he was the evil version of himself. “Pleasure to meet you, Cami.”
                “Somehow I just don’t believe you,” I smiled sweetly but pinned him with a “tell the truth you bastard” glare. We were in church after all.
                Stockton cleared his throat nervously but didn’t deny my accusation. “Well, I better go find Will.” He gave the preacher and my aunt another polite smile.
                Suddenly my uncle piped in and asked, “But you’ll be by later to look at that fence?”
                “Yes, sir,” Stockton answered immediately, but his gaze once again returned to me and I could see the panic flare to life behind his shuttered stare. He didn’t want to be anywhere near me and he wasn’t really trying to hide his feelings.
                What in the hell had I ever done to him?
                He was kind of pissing me off. Ok, not kind of, he was really pissing me off. Usually boys bent over backwards to get my attention. I was one fine piece of ass, and he should be tripping over his words and wiping the drool from his chin! He should not be in a hurry to get as far away from me as possible.
                So I did what any sane, rational girl would do in this situation, I extended my hand and turned on the charm. “It was so nice to meet someone my age, Stockton. You’ll have to show me around town one of these days.”

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  1. Can't wait! From the looks of the teaser, Cami seems VERY conceited.. Hopefully she changes!