Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dethroning Crown Teaser

I'm working on several things at once, but Dethroning Crown is my main focus.

Here's a small teaser.

We broke free from our line-up and began to warm up on the field. I saw the coach waving for my attention, sidled up by Davey. I bet that douchebag wanted my spot. 
Over my dead body.
“Crown, I want to save you for the last half. Take the bench, Son. Davey’s gonna take this half.”
Letting my best smile gleam, the one that made them question my sanity, I seethed. “The hell you are. That’s 

my position. I’ll play the whole game. Thank you.”
Crown Sterling didn't sit on the effing bench.
Crown Sterling was the reason the stands were filled.
If it weren't for me, this team would be nothing.

Here is the link to Goodreads where you can mark it on your tbr list!

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