Monday, July 20, 2015

Making Concessions (and I'm not talking about funnel cake) & Engraven Cover Reveal

Making Concessions (and I'm not talking about funnel cake.) 

For the last six or so weeks, my husband, three kids, and I, have been going to the local park in the mornings to walk. The track we walk on encircles the park's slides, swings, basketball courts and other fields. The track is also used as a roadway for vehicles to get in and around the park. 

About a week or so ago, I noticed that every time a runner, a fellow walker, a woman with a stroller, anyone would pass by us, my family and I would automatically form single line and make sure we were getting out of the other person's way so they wouldn't be inconvenienced. We even went so far as to walk along the grass so others wouldn't have to veer off course. We were conceding our walking pace and space on the track in order to allow someone else to proceeed unaffected. We were making concessions. Yielding the point, ceasing the argument, so to speak. 

I found that no matter who it was, we moved first. 

So where does concession and kindness become different from one another? Are they different?

It made me wonder if I was that way in all aspects of my life. It also made me concerned about whether this practice was to my detriment in some cases. 

I'm still not sure.

There are people in my life for whom I will always make concessions. For my husband, my children, and my family, everything will be pushed aside for them. I don't even consider that a concession, simply a matter of priority. For friends who have stuck with me through all this authorly hoopla, I will gladly put aside some things to help.

The real question is, where do I draw the line? And for you, reader, where do you draw the line? Are you making concessions in your family life, personal life, and professional life? Have you conceded to the point to your own demise?

Have I put aside writing time to pay attention to something else? Have I wasted good time on nonsense when I could've been reading or writing or spending time with my children?

This all goes along with the #controlyourbubble theme. I want to be a person who makes concious concessions. Yield the point out of kindness. Submit to wasting time in the name of pure wasting time. Prioritize my time and spend it purposefully, and not just moving out of the way of everyone walking in the other direction as not to cause a stir. 

Because sometimes in life and in work, a stir must be caused.

And your time must be made a priority to yourself--no one is going to do it for you. 

What I'm reading: I just finished Law of Moses by Amy Harmon and American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I'm moving onto Stardust by Neil Gaiman now. There's something so vague yet intricate about his writing it's like uncapturable brilliance. 

What I'm listening to: EchoSmith--all the Echosmith. I'm also on a Fitz and the Tantrums kick. 

What I'm watching: I've been adding tons of documentaries to my Netflix list for the kids. We start back to school on August 1. This year, my son starts 6am bible study, M-F. I'm thrilled. Can't you see my thrilled face?

What I'm working on: Engraven (Bayou Bear Chronicle 3) is finished and being edited. COVER REVEAL IS BELOW. Sketchy Love (Daring Hearts Boxset) is done! And Lightning Forgotten is almost finished! Next I'm working on 2 projects that I haven't told a soul about. I'm absolutely terrified of one of them. Like downright vomiticious about it. 

Still insane. Still melting in the Louisiana heat. Still waiting on the release of the Suicide Squad.


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