Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday Teaser from Hip Whip

Hip Whip is coming soon! 

That’s when Angel stood up, crossing her arms over her chest and stared me down like the Rock training me for combat. “Look. I love you but I’m tired of this bullshit. You are a damned derby bad ass woman. Where are your balls?”

Angel needed to learn the definition of ironic.

Although, she had a point.

“Okay, okay. I get it. I’ll say yes next time he asks me to lunch.”

Her head shook so hard that I thought a migraine would hit her any minute.

“Nope. That ship has sailed. Call him—like now.”

I stood up in protest, not, for once, giving a damn about who was around me and whether or not they were gawking. They were not going to make me call him—no way.
Blood rose from Angel’s neck all the way to her face and I was afraid that hot lava would burst from her ears if she wasn’t careful.
But I was most scared because when she opened her mouth to speak, her voice was flat and unnervingly stable. “You will call him and ask him out or I will tell the entire team to go to his dorm room and serenade him—while you are duct-taped in the hallway. You—think—I’m—kidding. And before you drop in with ‘You don’t know where he lives’, remember that I work at the Bursar’s office—I have my ways.”

Dealing with Angel when she was on a mission was like climbing a ladder near Damien on a tricycle. 

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