Monday, March 21, 2016

Manic Monday

Anyone remember me talking about Common Thief?

Yeah, that never came to fruition. 

Here's your Manic Monday post:

Common Thief

Common Thief

I’m lost in the things that I do—the sins that I commit.
I’d say that I needed to find myself, but there’s nothing left. It’s all been overshadowed. I bleed into the life—or the life has bled all over me.
My grandmother used to say that a sin is a sin is a sin and no matter how many good things we do, they won’t take away even one.
A girl can try, right?
“Are you even paying attention?” A shred of carrot hits my cheek. It’s the only reason I’m going to respond to her question. I don’t want the whole burrito thrown at me.
“I’m paying attention. I always pay attention. Going on three years now—paying all the fucking attention, okay?”
“Watch out, Archie’s in one of those mood again.”
“I’m not in a mood. I just want this over with. There’s things I want to do besides…” I flailed my hands around the table. “This.”
“Fine. Then pay attention and let’s get this shit done.”
Trace was holding on by a thread just like me. I didn’t even know if we were friends anymore—any of us. We were simply tethered together by a common interest.
Even if that interest was a crime.
“Decide who’s gonna do it.” I said, spinning the notebook in front of me. If anyone saw the scribblings inside, they would no more be able to tell what it said than I could read Hieroglyphs.
“Well, you are the cutest. Always have been. All the beach time has bleached out your hair. You’re like one of those surfer babes. Anyway, it’s your turn. We’ve all played the girlfriend card.”
I didn’t do the girlfriend role-playing.
“Good thing it’s the last time.” I remarked, getting up to grab a cold bottle of green tea from the fridge.
“Leave the file and I’ll start tomorrow. I’m going down to the sand for the rest of the day.”

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