Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tuesday Teaser...on Wednesday?

I'm working on Beholden furiously!! I am determined to not let the flood get me down any more!!!

So, a little teaser?



From Aspen's POV

“A good time for what?” Creator above, please don’t let it interfere with tonight. I had been waiting all my life for my mate to mark me.
“For me to clear the air. I’m not just going to let me daughter go and mark you and get marked without some—assurance.”
Though I had declined her offer of water, I choked. Yes, everyone in the clan probably knew that Acacia and I would be marking each other soon, especially with the upcoming clan run, but most of us didn’t just blurt it out like that.
I especially didn’t expect it to be blurted out by her mother of all people.
And without the backup of Acacia by my side.
Sitting across from your future mother-in-law wasn’t the time to cower.
Squaring my shoulders while I cleared my throat, I was ready. “I’ll answer any questions you have honestly, ma’am.”
She smiled down at the brownie still being dissected. “You know, my mother used to say that you can believe anything from a man who looks you in the eyes like you just did.”
“You can. Shoot. I’m ready.” I tried to be a little playful, but she wasn’t playing around.
I didn’t blame her. Acacia didn’t need just anyone in her life—she needed a mate who was willing to do what it took to make her happy.

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