Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Forced Autonomy / Last Teaser

The last Forced Autonomy Teaser.

Release Date: January 3

Still wrapped in my cocoon of reminiscence, I heard footsteps coming down the hall just as I’d finished the last words to the song. The other tenants were so quiet, I could hear a pin drop. I flipped the comb in my hand, wielding the sharpened end instead of the hygienic end and darted behind my shell of a refrigerator. The footsteps continued, the sounds indicating the carrier of feet grew closer and closer. A rattle on the door sent my heart into frantic palpitations followed by a complete seizure of beats. This was no toy soldier, they came in packs and never that late. The steps outside that night were heavier, somehow they felt more determined though to most they would be nearly noiseless.
I sidestepped back into place behind the fridge as the owner of the footsteps entered.
A male voice, scratchy and raspy, claimed he was with the government. I may have been sheltered as a child but I’d never acquired a taste for bullshit. And he reeked of it. Then he confessed, though I could tell by the pieced together, almost quilted clothes he wore, that he was no government agent. 

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