Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

Here is a little tease from BURDEN. 

BURDEN will be releasing Jan 20, 2014.
Cover and blurb coming soon.


Echo, we’re home. We just went through the gate.”

I dragged in a breath through my nose and instantly smelled the difference between where I’d been and where I was. Instead of snow and ice, I smelled sunshine and rich earth. I could feel the humidity in the air, the difference in atmosphere. Not to mention, there was no longer the rank muskiness always around me.

I knew I didn’t stink.”

The cab broke out in laughter, “Who told you that you stink?”

Horace, all the time. I swear, I spent more hours in the shower than in bed. But the grizzlies were the ones with the funk.”
That brought out a whole new round a masculine chuckles. 

You definitely don’t stink. And please, stop talking about being in the shower in front of others,” Hawke whispered in my ear, but from the snickers behind me, I knew they’d all heard.

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