Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sparrows For Free Teaser

A Teaser from Sparrows For Free,
 a contemporary romance coming soon.

It was the weekend I met Mara—I knew when I laid eyes on her that my life would never be the same. Of course, my naïve, cocky, self thought that meant I was gonna get laid for the first time. I think most people, if they had one wish, would go back and tell themselves to do something different. They’d make sure they didn’t do anything stupid or future altering. I just wanted to go back to that post-game party and drag Mara away from the teenager me—tell her that if she valued her life, if she valued life at all—she’d run and never look back. I would shake her if I had to, take her by the hand and pull her into another room, a car, a cab—anything. I’d scream in her face, ‘He’s gonna ruin you. He’s gonna make your life hell. He’s gonna screw up any hopes and dreams you’ve ever had. Run, Mara, run.’

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