Sunday, March 26, 2017

Swoon Sunday

Today's Swoon Sunday comes from Caught In A Jam. This story follows Nixon and Journey. It is book 4 in A Love and Skate Series.

 I turned to walk out and before I reached the door he laced his warm, calloused fingers in mine and I turned around, startled by the feel of him, even though I’d just been holding his hands seconds before. 
 “If you never come back—if you decide I’m not worth it—I have to kiss you just once.  I’ve needed your mouth on mine for almost my whole life.  Please…”
 My body swayed towards his at once, there was no way I could resist this, even if I didn’t come back.  He grabbed my face in his hands and ran his thumbs over my cheeks, memorizing the feel of me.  He smiled the slightest bit before closing his eyes and touching his lips to mine, softly, gently at first.  The heat from his kiss seared my lips and then branched out through the veins in my face and down in my neck.  Nixon walked us back until I felt my back against the wall behind me.  His hips rocked against mine as his tongue nudged my lips open.  My mouth opened to accept it.  Our chests rose and fell as one.  I could feel the pounding of his heart against me.
 He pulled back once and moaned, “I knew you’d taste like heaven.”
   He sucked and nipped at my lips until I broke away hastily, ducked under his arms and left.  If I stayed any longer, there would be nothing to think about. I would give in without any sound thought or judgment. And it was obvious I’d done enough damage to him for a lifetime.

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