Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lightning In My Wake, Teaser #2

Here's a teaser from Lightning In My Wake, coming May 25. Cover reveal is on May 1!

He was the epitome of cool, calm and collected. Or so he showed on the outside.
“Don’t piss them off, okay? And if they ask you—if they ask specific questions about me, just tell them. Don’t try to lie or get yourself tangled in something you can’t get out of.”
I smirked at him through the mirror, “Please, I’m like their golden child. They like to call me in to make me feel like I’m under their thumb. But they know better.”
“Colby, meu Amada, please.”
The eyeliner got thrown into my makeup bag and I hopped up on the counter, now facing him.
“You know what I know about you,” I said kicking my legs against the cabinets.
He shrugged one shoulder.
“I know that when you’re exterior is cool that you are worried as hell inside.”
Theo rolled his eyes, “Is it so wrong to be worried about my female?”
When he called me his female, my insides turned to pudding.
“There’s nothing to worry about. I promise to be perfectly diplomatic, polite, disconnected and completely vague.”
“You lie so sweet. But, I know better. Come back to me quickly, Querida.” He approached me then, placing kisses along my face, across my forehead and on my temple.

“I will.”

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