Friday, April 4, 2014

Teaser: Lightning In My Wake

From Lightning In My Wake

Release Date: TBD

“What is his fear?”

          She cut her iridescent blue eyes at me, “That’s not the right question.”

          Now I knew she was in full Prophetess mode. She struck down any question whose answer would be the one I needed. Instead, I had to ask generalized questions that led to nowhere. I was aggravated beyond anything.

          “Rebekah, please. Stop speaking to me in riddles and tell me what to do.”

          “Find the truth. Even the so-called upholders of the truth are expert liars. Search and find the truth for yourself. False truths camouflage lies which are the truth no one wants told.”

          What—the –hell.

          “I have to convince him to let me go with him.”

          She got up and I expected something profound from her.

          “I think I have some leftover meatloaf.”

          I shuddered, “Meatloaf, Grammy, really?”

          “I no longer flash, child. I can eat whatever I want. Now go. I know you’re going to him. Best do it now while he’s open to your ideas. By morning he won’t be so obliging.”

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