Monday, April 10, 2017


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I'm gonna talk a little today about fear. The other day we were visiting some friends and I said, 'I wonder how many decisions we make a day that are based on fear?' One of our friends turned to us and said, 'It would be easier to name the decisions we make that aren't based on fear.'

Contrary to the subject, this wasn't an in depth conversation. We were actually laughing about it. Yet, as we drove home, the topic stuck with me and I wondered if I could name even one decision that I'd made of late that wasn't based on fear of something.

I remember early in this career I spoke with one of those career coach people who asked me what was keeping me from publishing a certain book.

I was afraid people wouldn't like it.
I was afraid it was a genre my readers wouldn't read.
I was afraid of the backlash, the blowback of a decision to switch genres. 

That book was Burden.

And there is a great possibility that all of this is just me-that I am the only one who bases some or a great deal of her life on being scared.
But, I highly doubt it.

I'm not sure there's a way to get over the fear except to continually face it over and over again until facing the things that terrify you is as second nature as running from fear used to be. 

I'm still practicing. 

In fact, I had to face being scared of this post. 

Lila: 1, Fear: 43 million.

At least it's not zero. 

Are you?

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