Sunday, April 9, 2017

Swoon Sunday

Today's Swoon Sunday post is from Hearten (Bayou Bear Chronicles Book 2) This is the story of Martha and Rev. Here is a swoon moment from the book. Just a reminder that today is the Last day to get His Haunted Heart FREE. So grab your copy while you can.

I wanted to kiss her until she said my name.
“Come here.”
There was no time for please. She would be saying please soon enough. She stepped closer and I cursed that sweater for everything it wouldn’t let me touch, but praised it for the same reasons. I didn’t need any coercion.

“Can I kiss you, love?”

Her eyes widened as she nodded.

Creator, let me make this perfect for her—perfect for us.

Lowering my face at the same time I tipped her chin upward, I commanded her with a whisper. “Say you’re mine.”

Her throat worked like it was manufacturing the words. “Rev, I’m yours.”

That’s all I needed.

I took her lips one by one, moving as slowly as I could, making this first joining one for the books.

But it wasn’t quite fast enough for her.

Martha laced her hands behind my head and deepened our connection. A whimper of a sound coupled our collision and I knew without a doubt that what had been building in me was so very strong because it wasn’t just me at all. It had been building in both of us. My hands roamed from her waist down to those dangerous hips.
She tasted as sweet as she looked, but instead of tasting like rain like she smelled, her lips were tinged with the taste of sugar, like sugar cookies. It was like our Creator had molded her lips of cookie dough.
There was nothing sweeter in this world.
I didn’t let it go any further than a simple kiss, for now, my inner beast was pleased and contented with just this—and so was I.

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