Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Teaser...Wednesday. Oops.

Y'all, I am SO excited about this release that I have been working on with my dear friend Dara Frasier. It's my first plunge into the Dragon Shifter world and I couldn't be more thrilled.

You're going to love Knox. 

This should be released in late May, so keep your eyes peeled. You won't want to miss it.

*Unedited Version*

The mornings since the craze had set in were the worst, especially since most of the time I hadn’t actually fallen asleep during the darkness.
My cell phone rang somewhere on the other side of the room, wherever I had plugged it for the night. The clan’s healer, Lindsey, told me to keep it away from the side of my bed. She thought I must’ve been waking several times during the night to check games or whatever people did on their phones.
Well, maybe I had checked Sims once or twice during the night but that wasn’t what was keeping me up-not by a long shot.
Hurling myself out of bed, I groaned and zeroed in on the damned thing ringing like someone was paying it a salary.
“What? I mean, hello.” I gruffed into the phone.
“Knox, Sir, you asked me last summer, about the girl who asked, you told me to…” Gretchen oversaw the diner for the clan. Everything in this town technically belonged to me as the Alpha, but the money was shared-all of us worked for it.
She wasn’t a big talker, but she was loyal as they came.
“Yes, Gretch, I asked you to let me know if you saw her again.”
I heard the sounds of her stomping rather than walking in a hurry to the other room. The swish of the revolving door between the counter and the kitchen barely cut off the sound of her breathing. She was obviously moving to a place where no one could hear her or someone in particular couldn’t hear her. By the second, I got more and more anxious. If she was there-if the female that I’d seen last summer was back in town-well-I hoped she’d never leave again.
Then again, she was human.
“Sir, she’s here with that other girl, the one from before. They just came in, sat at your booth, unknowingly, of course. Paul said they checked into their rooms at the B&B and now that we have that software, he had to check their IDs. We’ve got her, Sir.”
She called me Sir all the time even though I insisted she didn’t.
“I’ll be there shortly.”
I dropped the phone onto the bed and grabbed hold of the four bed posts. This wasn’t just some girl. I knew it and if anyone in the clan had really been paying attention, like Samson, they knew it too. She was human. She was not from here and certainly not one of our kind.
And she was mine.
She just didn’t know it yet. 

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