Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Teaser Tuesday

This is another teaser from Mate Craze!!!

I hated texting and now that I’d heard back from her, in plain typed letters across a screen, I really hated it.
It wasn’t enough-not by a long shot. For the second time that morning, I took a shot and called her.
She shot me down.
Then called me back.
Just the sound of her voice made me want to go up all the three flights of stairs in one leap.
Her eyebrows jumped a little when I hit the top of the stairs. I thought maybe I’d scared her a little-and maybe a little more.
“Did you run?” She smart-mouthed me. I wasn’t sure which one I liked most, the sweet blushing Kallie or the smartass one. I liked the mouth on both of them.
“I like to be prompt when a lady calls. Sue me.”
Her hand moved up and she whispered her pointer finger around the rim of her adorably curved ear. “Suing you for being prompt would be the very definition of frivolous lawsuit. Trust me. You, um, you didn’t wear glasses yesterday.”
A clue-and one hell of a clue at that. These glasses, the ones I wore only when I had to, did something to her. As she spoke, the most controlled of shivers passed through her, causing a husky quality in her voice and a hoarseness in her throat.
Made me wonder if other things caused that same rasp.
“I only wear them when I’m working outside. Contacts get all kinds of crap in them.” It was a lie and I was grateful she wasn’t yet my mate-or didn’t know she was. I wore glasses because I read so much that even my dragon irises couldn’t help me.
“Oh, that makes sense. I like them.”
She didn’t like the glasses. She liked me in the glasses. My dragon did a victory roll inside. He’d been downright unruly since the day before, wanting to rip me open and drag Kallie to the nearest cave and hide here away from the rest of the world-the animal. 

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