Thursday, November 10, 2016

Throwback Thursday

This week's throwback is A Bayou Bear Chronicle series. Make sure you are all caught up with the bears before Beholden releases.

You can grab your copy Here

It’s been a while since I talked to Hawke. I mean, he is the Alpha of the largest black bear clan, not to mention, the Alpha of all bear clans.
He’s kind of busy.
And he’s got to deal with Rev on top of all of that.
Rev is a pain in the bear butt.
So when he sent me a text asking me to meet him at a coffee shop of all places, I thought it was more than just a little strange—it was weird—more than weird.

*Hawke walks in to a Lake Charles coffee and tea house. Hawke isn’t really a caffeinated drink in a cardboard sleeve kind of guy, but I went with it. After all, how many of us get to sit with a shifter and just…chat?*

Hawke doesn’t order anything because I’ve already gotten him an espresso. He seems like an espresso guy, right?
Hawke: Thanks, Lila. It’s been a while. You remembered.
I shift my eyes around the room. This guy thinks I’ve forgotten him. Okay, I admit it, I forget some things about my characters sometimes. It happens.
But really, forget Hawke? Please.
I’d have a better time forgetting my own ass.
Me: Yep. So, Alpha, what’s up?
He hates when I call him Alpha. His scowl grows more defined.
Hawke: Consider my buttons pushed. So, I heard it’s going to be over soon.
Me: Over?
Hawke: Yeah, our books. Word on the street is that you’re done with the last one. Just putting some finishing touches on it.
Me: *Trying like hell not to crack up* The street? What is this street?
Hawke: You know that I mean. It’s over though, right?
Me: The book series is over—for now.
Hawke: For now?
Me: Well, there’s a chance your clan will show up in some future shifter books. And let’s be real. Just because the books end doesn’t mean your lives end. Reality shows end but people’s lives don’t.
Hawke: *Now visibly disturbed* So, it was just some books to you? It’s over but our lives aren’t over?
Me: If you’re insinuating that this is easy for me, Hawke, you are grossly mistaken. I’ve ended series before. It’s never easy. But this one is particularly hard. This one stings like a deep cut that years later still aches. If you think this doesn’t make me bleed…
Hawke: No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I mean, you made us. It must be like…
Me: Like watching your kid move out of the house. Like watching them drive away on their own for the first time. Like closing the door on the Kindergarten classroom for the first time. It’s necessary. It has to be this way. But it sucks. Don’t think you can stop answering my calls though. I will come after you. I don’t care who is at the clan’s gates, I will hunt you down, Turnclaw.
He raises his eyes in a challenge.
Me: Don’t test me.
Hawke: Would never dream of it. Those cats are up to no good again, by the way. I can smell the trouble.
Me: I know. They are bobcats. That’s what they do—stir up mischief.
Hawke: I hate them. They smell bad.
Me: You know what’s funny? They said the same thing about you.
Hawke: We are gonna miss having you around, sniffing in our business all the time.
Me: I’m gonna miss y’all too. Except Rev—he’s a pain in my ass. Always has been.
Hawke: But he gets the job done, you know?
Me: I do. Can’t really fire the scribe.
Hawke: That includes you. We will never really be rid of you, will we?
Me: Nope.
Hawke: *He gets up, drinks down the espresso in one gulp and then turns around. He’s walking away. But before he does, I hear him mutter.* I’m counting on it, Felix. I’m counting on it.

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