Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Teaser Tuesday

Here is a teaser from Beholden. Its not been edited and subject to change.



If this feeling would ever go away. Would I be sitting next to him while we were surrounded by grandchildren and still not be able to see anything except him with that tramp at the very moment when he was supposed to be only mine?
Because right now that was all I could see.
“I’m not surprised. He likes to see a lot of girls.” I turn to the window before wiping away the ever-present wetness from my cheeks.
“Don’t do that.” Her voice carries concern. All their voices are laden with worry.
“What? Lia? Don’t tell the truth? Don’t say that he is a two-timing, three-timing, maybe even a twenty-five-timing man—slut?
In the reflection of the window I can see her pull the collar of her shirt over her mouth to stop me from seeing her smile even though my back is turned,
“A man slut. That’s a new one. I almost want to write that one down and tell Tarrow.”
“You should. It’s a new one.”
The silence that followed choked me.
It was time to move on.
“I’ve decided some things, Dahlia.”
She got up and I could hear the squeak of clothes hangers as she filed through my outfits. “Oh yeah? Tell me.”

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